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Nancy Johnson-Forevermore-Acrylic paint/spray on Canvas-48"x48"x1,5"
SOLD_Johnson-Nostalgia-Mixed Media on Canvas-15x30x1.5"
Prints only_Nancy Johnson-Bateau-Acrylic paint/spray on Canvas-16x20x1.5"
Nancy Johnson-Winter Scene-Acrylic paint/spray on Canvas-6x12"
Nancy Johnson-Étoile filante-Mixed Media on Wood Canvas-6x36x1.75"
Nancy Johnson-Red Flowers-Acrylic spray/paint on Canvas-10x20x1.5"
Nancy Johnson-Autumn-Acrylic spray/paint on Canvas-10x20x1.5"
Nancy Johnson-Blossoming of hope-Mixed Media on Canvas-30x40x1,5"
Nancy Johnson-La Nuée-Acrylic spray/paint on Canvas-24x30x1.5"
SOLD_Nancy Johnson-Coral Reef-Acrylic spray/paint on Canvas-12x16x1.5"
Nancy Johnson-Fleur-Acrylic spray/paint on Canvas-8x10"


Festifolies Festival_Beaux Dégâts_June2018_SOLD
Festifolies2018_Beaux Dégâts_SOLD
Conquer the Canvas 2019_Cornwall, ON_SOLD
Beaux Dégâts_Festifolies2019_Toile de 4x8 pieds_SOLD
Cabaret du dernier mot_Peinture en direct, 4 octobre 2019, Mercier, Québec
Art Battle - Calgary, AB - Feb 12th, 2020_SOLD
20min painting_Live streaming_Art Battle Online


Live Streaming:

20 minutes! 

Thanks to my landlord, I was able to paint in the appartment next door 

that's being renovated! 

20min painting_Live streaming_Art Battle Online
Day 2!